Office documentation & Course documentation

Course documentation

It is usually an extract from the full user documentation. It is given to every participant

  • Version either printed or in PDF format
  • Cannot be freely installed on the shared drive for a global access

Office 2016 Documentation - free reading

  • It is very similar to the current version
    (2019 license or 365 subscription)
  • Files in PDF format
  • In read only mode - copy-paste possible - no printing
  • Version : French - Mixte - (see explanations here below) - English
  • Caution : Acrobat only in French

Office 365 Documentation - to be purchased

  • License
    Printing is possible for all users
    It can be installed on a globally shared drive (network - cloud)
  • 3 Versions : French, English or special "Mixte"
    The explanations are in French but the name of the commands, the dialog boxes and the various screen captures are in English.
    It is a sort of intermediate version - hard to find on the market !
  • Simple contact Office Doc via the contact form
    Rates are very attractive.
    For instance : you can buy the whole Office collection in PDF format - one language - for less than CHF 1'500.-

    Contact (mail or tel)