Content examples for a OneDrive & SharePoint training session - Adaptable to your needs

What I can do as a mere site MEMBER
(also called EDITOR or CONTRIBUTOR)

  • Differences between OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Generalities
  • Default structure and important jargon words
  • How to run SharePoint
    The main window of SharePoint
    The main window of a team site
  • Working with libraries
    Best practices
    Managing files
    Local syncing for a library or a specific folder
  • Searching
  • The options of Outlook online

What I can do as the site OWNER

  • Creating and managing (simple) a team site
  • Outlook online : commands available to a member and to an owner
  • Deleting a site
  • Settings via the screw button : standard commands
  • The structure of a team site needs to be well thought
    "The flat architecture" according to Microsoft
    A structure with several libraries
  • Integrating the TEAMS part
  • Information pages
  • Introduction to permissions (simple)

I only need to publish information : creating and managing a COMMUNICATION SITE

  • Characteristics of a communication site
  • Creating information pages
    Nature of those pages
    Creating a news post or a standard page
    The tools to customize a page : sections and webparts
    The available webparts