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This page presents the various programs you can get trained on : their specificities, their use
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Why should I train on Office programs or SharePoint & Teams ?

Office training ? to learn or improve your skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint...

Word, Excel or PowerPoint have become common but they are often underused or misused by the users.

Other Office programs are practically ignored by the users, such as OneNote.

As for the PDF format, people hardly ever go beyond a standard conversion. Acrobat offers far more ! In terms of modification for instance.

Consequently, improve your efficiency when using all these Office programs !

Working with the Cloud is getting more and more important : SharePoint & OneDrive, Teams and Office 365

Our world is getting dematerialized and going more and more digital ...

We need to access our data from anywhere and any device ...

But it is a new way of storing, sharing, working ...

Are your users a little bit lost ?

Help them to adapt to this new professional environment !

What are OneDrive and SharePoint designed for ?

OneDrive and SharePoint are the tools to SAVE AND SHARE FILES. So, should I use OneDrive or SharePoint to do so ? You have created a SharePoint site but find it difficult to manage it : creating additional libraries, managing the navigation menu, managing the members, creating information pages with webparts ... Getting support might well be a must !

OneDrive & SharePoint training

What is Teams designed for ?

Teams is a VIDEO-CONFERENCE TOOL similar to other programs such as Zoom or Meet (Google). But it has a close link to SharePoint. It enables instant access to various resources during a team meeting. Do you master this part ?

Teams training

What is Excel designed for ?

Excel is a SPREADSHEET PROGRAM : type in your data (numbers or text), add formulas or functions to create a budget, analysis statistics, charts, pivot tables... A good refresh and improving your skills will produce more speed and efficiency in your daily use of it.

Excel training

What is Word designed for ?

Word is a WORD PROCESSING PROGRAM : type your text, format it to produce a letter, a report, an invoice, a commercial offer with a short but smart table of contents. Add pictures, drawn shapes... to get a professional look. The classic error : thinking that a Word training is not necessary as you always get by ! But you do loose time and efficiency ! Fill in the gaps !

Word training

What is PowerPoint designed for ?

You use PowerPoint to create PRESENTATIONS (a serie of slides linked with transition or animation effects). It is the fun program of the Office family. But it can turn a bit nasty because if you do not follow its rules, you will pay a high price when you need to make global changes...

PowerPoint training

What is Outlook designed for ?

Outlook is our daily COMMUNICATION tool (messages, appointments...). Knowing a few tips, going more depply into some functionalities means to optimize your mailbox and gain time and efficiency. The classic error : thinking you do not need training because you use it daily.

Outlook training

What is OneNote designed for ?

As its name implies, OneNote is the tool to TAKE NOTES. Do you need to keep an information written “on the fly“ during a meeting ? Or an information that corresponds neither to Word or Outlook ? Then OneNote can be what you are looking for !

OneNote training

What is Acrobat designed for ?

Acrobat and its well-known PDF FORMAT. You need to convert a slightly complex Word file (for instance one with a table of contents) to the PDF format and it will be read via Acrobat Reader. You need to manage the opening properties, the display of the bookmarks to ensure a dynamic navigation. Do you master this part  ?

Acrobat training