Private training sessions (adults or young people)

You would appreciate to work with a trainer - someone nice and with a good pedagogy - in the one-to-one format. And of course the training content must perfectly match your needs... Or you would like to practice on "real files" but at the same time you don't want to spend a fortune on this !
Well, consult the various possibilities explained here below and do not hesitat to contact me !

If you want to see an example of the possible contents for a specific training, click on the corresponding program icon at the bottom of this page.

Who is concerned ?

Young people : help to prepare your Office school exams (such as the ones at the Ecole de Commerce). Usually this is called : tutoring or coaching.
Adults : improve your Office skills in order to apply for a new job for instance.

Logistics and Office Documentation

  • Evaluation of the need and offer sent by mail
  • The sessions are planned in the mode one-to-one and via Teams or Zoom
  • Each session will last a minimum of 2h
  • Sessions are planned according to the availability of both, the participant and the trainer. Hours can be very flexible : early in the morning, evening or even sometimes during the week-end
  • The trainer provides the participant with exercises
  • The participant receives a course documentation either printed or in PDF format

Purchasing one or more of my practice files
(Mainly Excel files)

  • Well structured files with a table of contents on the first worksheet
  • Many worksheets start with a short explanation on the theme
  • For most exercises you can display the correct answers or click on a macro button to show the result
  • There are a fair number of violet tabs corresponding to extra practice sheets

Clic here to download the file for charts (free download)

Rate for private lessons

The price is CHF 50.- / hour - all included
(1st hour is free - to test !)

If you absolutely want the training session be held in person, it is possible at the following conditions :

  • The distance to drive is maximum 1h from Geneva
  • The hours are grouped into a package of 3h-4h hours
  • Price for the drive time, 2h ie CHF 100.-

Rate to buy a file

The price is CHF 15.- each (about 15 euros)

Contact (mail or tel)

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